Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aphasia Project Intervention, research and social support (Italy)

A global project to improve the quality of life
aphasic patients and acquired brain
A project gdal May 2000 the Foundation Pier Carlo study and implement interventions designed to improve the quality of life of patients with acquired cognitive deficits, especially aphasia, through a project of continuity of care, which is a structured way at different times which connects l 'Axis clinical / rehabilitation with the social. To this end there is a collaboration with the Service for Adults Logopedics ASL 1, with L 'Informahandicap ASL 1, under the District Social Services and with different groups of the Turin area and Liguria.

The experience in the field and to meet the complex and diverse reality of the aphasic person, has changed the initial plan of action and research in a network of collaborations on specific territory, and has stimulated the creation of a center - the CIRP - from which are made several interventions aimed at improving the quality of life of aphasia and his family.