Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcome to Sea to Sky Aphasia Camp! .

Sea to Sky Aphasia Camp is for people living with aphasia and their loved ones. We are offering an opportunity for campers to learn new ways to connect with one another while enjoying organized recreational activities in the beauty of Squamish, BC. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Maywood center applauds advance of bill to aid

Aphasia is a language disorder that limits a person’s reading, writing and speaking abilities. People maintain their intellect, but struggle to communicate. The most common causes are a stroke or a traumatic brain injury.
“We have trouble getting aphasia known to the general public,” said Elaine Adler who co-founded the Adler Aphasia Center in Maywood with her husband Mike, who suffers from the disorder. “Over a million people in the United States have aphasia and yet it’s not tip-of-the-tongue information.”
Mike Adler was told he would never speak again after his stroke. He proved the doctors wrong, and wanted to help others afflicted with the condition.
The Adlers hope the commission will bring much-needed awareness and more funding for programs like theirs...Next

Reedes Hurt

Reedes Hurt, 72, passed away from advanced Primary Progressive Aphasia, a rare type of frontotemporal dementia, on July 18, 2010.

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He was born on August 11, 1937 in the Eastern Coal Field region of Kentucky. He lived in coal mining camps until he was 12 years old when his parents, Henry and Anna Hurt, finally settled on Lott’s Creek, near the Perry/Knott County border.

He graduated from the historic Cordia Settlement School on Lott’s Creek and then Carr Creek High School at age 14 and enrolled at Alice Lloyd College (then Caney Junior College) in Pippa Passes, Ky. He went on to graduate from the University of Kentucky in 1957 with a BS in Anatomy and Physiology and received his MA in Health Care Administration from Central Michigan University in 1975.

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To proceed with, a first means of aphasia should be stabilized or treated. After doing so, thats a usually time which a therapist can work on a reconstruction of a patient. To redeem a persons denunciation function, he or she should proceed undergoing care as soon as possible successive a injury.

Speech Therapy: As A Treatment For Aphasia

Since there have been no surgical or medical procedures which have been now accessible to provide Aphasia, conditions which outcome from head injury or stroke can be improved by a diagnosis of debate therapy.

For infancy of Aphasic patients...Next